September 19, 2017

About Storm & Security Protection Magazine

Greetings, friends and colleagues! I’m pleased and excited to present a new quarterly magazine: Storm & Security Protection, which will unite these tightly related market segments and deliver news and information as an online digital magazine and as a printed issue.

These days, we are stronger together with a solid mission and goal for the present and the future than to be fragmented and scattered in our corporate and company viewpoints. The best bridge is a business-tobusiness connection that will provide us with a way across a difficult divide given the current situation within our businesses, our industry and our overall economy. Storm & Security Protection magazine will be that bridge for you and your business! Storm & Security Protection will be the resource that will link us together. What we have in mind is to provide news, product information, installation stories, code updates, and business tools and ideas for running a successful storm protection and security business during a recession and far beyond.

The information in Storm & Security Protection will be delivered not only in the traditional, although limited at first, print edition, but also as an online digital book openly available that will enable us to extend our reach to every market in which protecting the building envelop—either residential or commercial—is important for your business and for your customers. And, the online interactive format will allow you and our readers the chance to have multiple options in viewing the message that needs to be delivered in an immediate, active and targeted way that takes advantage of Internet networking. It will allow us to offer many more exciting possibilities for our advertisers!

Storm & Security Protection magazine will be the platform to extend your business in these difficult times. I’m looking forward to delivering a quality product to you and our readers and with working with you to further your success.

If you have any questions, comments, advice or just want to get acquainted please do not hesitate to contact me at 773-775-9293 or e-mail me at

Kerri Caldwell
Storm + Security Protection

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